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3940 7th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

Within the city of San Diego, The Cable Building Lofts embrace a sumptuous collection of 37 luxury lofts, each a vessel of rich and distinctive history. This former telephone switching station, once under the stewardship of Pacific Bell, underwent a captivating transformation in 1997, evolving into a haven of residential loft-style condominiums. Echoing the echoes of time, these lofts present an enchanting tapestry of features, including the allure of exposed brick, the rugged beauty of concrete walls, and the captivating display of overhead ductwork.

Inhabiting The Cable Building Lofts invites one to traverse the corridors of the past, enveloped in a tapestry of bygone eras, while concurrently relishing the modern indulgence of luxury living. These abodes provide a spacious canvas, embracing open floor plans that evoke a nostalgic embrace while exuding an unmistakable urban energy that thrives within the heart of San Diego.

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